zoom. kids on the move
international campaign
September 16
- October 19, 2016
polotsk, Novopolotsk, minsk

In the time of European Mobility Week in Belarus there was given a start to ZOOM. Kids on the Move campaign. In Polotsk and Novopolotsk it was being held for the second time, Minsk joined it for the first time, with Gymnasium No19 and the Belarusian Music Academy College as participants.

This year the official opening took place at School No6 and Gymnasium No1, where Sergei Leichenko, Deputy Chairman of Polotsk District Executive Committee, and Andrei Borovik, representative of the Citizen Working Group on development of city mobility, were present. They both stressed the importance of the children´s voices and suggestions to be heard.

In Minsk students' ecological endeavours were encouraged by the director and manager of Interakcia Foundation, Ivan Shchadranok and Anton Radniankou. Interakcia has been the initiator and coordinator of the campaign in Belarus for two years.
"I am glad that you are now among thousands of children from Europe who have started their ecological adventure, gather "green footprints" and care about the environment. It is very important for us that you already now join in ecologically friendly lifestyle and make steps to do your home city greener and better". Sergei Leichenko.
ZOOM campaign invites children all over Europe to make their daily journeys independently and in a climate-friendly way.
ZOOM in and Move to learn more about Climate Action!

In 2002, Climate Alliance started the mobility campaign for children, extending it to the whole of Europe in 2003 under the motto "ZOOM – Kids on the Move for Climate Action". Since then, 1.7 million children from 39 countries have participated, more than 185,000 last year alone. Together over the years, they have collected over 22 million "Green Footprints".
The Climate Alliance
For more than 25 years, Climate Alliance member municipalities have been acting in partnership with indigenous rainforest peoples for the benefit of the global climate. With over 1,700 members spread across 26 European countries, Climate Alliance is the world's largest city network dedicated to climate action and the only one to set tangible targets: each member city, town and district has committed itself to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent every 5 years. Recognising the impact our lifestyles can have on the world's most vulnerable people and places, Climate Alliance pairs local action with global responsibility.


Join in!
By collecting so-called Green Footprints all over Europe, the children show the "big ones", what the "small ones" do to protect the global climate!

Total number of participants 1097 and they collected 29 717 "green footprints"
Activities in schools
Children's works with suggestions and advice on how to save the climate and travel in an eco-friendly way
Dear presidents!
I would like to ask you to take care about our future and encourage everyone to use eco-friendly transport like e-cars.
Dear presidents!
I am Antonina Konovalova, 2-grader from School No6 in Polotsk, Belarus, and I am asking you to keep the air pure, because me, my family and my friends and my future children will breathe it. Please, plant as many parks as possible in our country, and we promise to take care of them.
I am Alina Pentugova, from the 2nd grade. Please, take care of the air so it will be pure in future. I suggest to stop cutting woods, recover waste in the right way and use bio fuel.
Best regards, Alina
Dear presidents!
I would like to ask you to ban production of plastic – dishes and household goods, and produce everything only from natural materials – wood, and clay and stone.
Dima Smehovskiy

In November, Climate Alliance will hand over the Green Footprints collected from all over Europe to the participants of the next UN Climate Summit (7.-18.11.2016) in Marrakesh.
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